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Middle schoolers and teens can experience at least 24 mood changes in a day, so it’s no wonder social-emotional learning is a trend in youth centers. In this webinar, you’ll learn ways to support social-emotional learning in your program. You’ll also explore how disability is a dimension of diversity and how to make your program truly inclusive for all. Read More

Social Inclusion for youth with disabilities can be a daily challenge. Navigating the dating world is difficult for anyone who is bold enough to take it on. Combine dating with disabilities and youth can find themselves in a whirlwind of mixed emotions and difficult decisions about relationships. Successful relationships and healthy love lives have been and can be achieved by people with disabilities. Providing education and support can help reduce the challenges for youth navigating the dating world. Read More

Change is hard, and the process of moving a child from one classroom to another can be difficult for everyone. KIT has consolidated the very best transition plans and ideas to create one jam packed webinar. Join us as we explore the components of a well-designed and implemented transition process. Participants will be given a resource packet including templates and to-do lists for current and new teachers and parent communication. Read More

Is it impossible to tear teens away from their devices? Have you found yourself no longer planning outdoor activities for your teen participants? Is your amazing garden area a bed of weeds? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us as we explore innovative and fun ideas to motivate teens to want to be outdoors. Read More

Research shows that nature-based learning environments have positive impacts on children. They are happier, develop critical social skills, are more engaged and eager to learn. Join us as we explore the benefits, discover what to include, and beginning planning your nature-based environment. Read More

The restorative power of nature has been well-documented for both children and adults. When we take learning outdoors, we open up opportunities for children and youth to explore and discover a wide range of skills that enhance everything from emotional well-being to cognition. Join us as we introduce you to the benefits and elements of nature-based learning. Read More

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