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The restorative power of nature has been well-documented for both children and adults. When we take learning outdoors, we open up opportunities for children and youth to explore and discover a wide range of skills that enhance everything from emotional well-being to cognition. Join us as we introduce you to the benefits and elements of nature-based learning. Read More

During this session you will learn about the connections between positive child development and nature-based learning. Join the journey as we discover and plan age-appropriate activities, spaces and centers that can be easily incorporated at your program. Read More

Our world is filled with sight, sound, smell, taste and touch that our body must take in almost constantly. But what happens when a child or youth's body is unable to effectively read or respond to this information? This webinar will teach you some basics about sensory processing and how challenges with this important area of development impact behavior. Read More

KIT uses the Pyramid Model as a framework for supporting positive behavior. This webinar will highlight the base of the pyramid, the foundation for all other supports: positive relationships. Children and youth are more likely to follow instructions, participate in activities and have better social-emotional skills when their caregivers engage in positive interactions. This webinar will guide participants in understanding the importance of positive relationships as well as offering strategies for improving positive interactions in their programs. Read More

As staff are transitioning from year round programming to extended Summer schedules it is challenging to shift our thinking regarding child and youth programming. Helping children and youth successfully transition from school and academic schedules to full day summer camp and recreational programming requires intentional planning and unique consideration. This webinar will present ideas to support summer staff in programming that considers transitions (from an academic schedule to summer recreational schedule), as well as, ideas for accommodating individual needs or participants in summer programming. Read More

Keeping a group of preschoolers engaged during circle time is a challenging task. Circle time is also very demanding on young children's emerging ability to listen and wait. In this eLearning module, participants will learn how to make circle time easier by basing circle time on how young brains work best, developing appropriate expectations, planning activities and transitions, using techniques to keep children engaged, and supporting individual children.  Read More

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