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Does the thought of developing a support plan feel intimidating? This webinar will empower you to take the reins to create and implement SMART support plans to meet children’s individual needs in your school-age program. Read More

Do youth seem disconnected, disinterested, or discouraged? Are you searching for meaningful and engaging ways to support them? This webinar explains how to use the pyramid model to develop realistic and individualized supports for youth in school-age programs. Read More

We all want to create welcoming environments where disabilities are viewed as a natural part of life. When your program says that it is “for all,” what does that mean and what does it look like? To create welcoming programs, we first need to assess what respect for disabilities looks like. We can then explore ways that we can teach children and youth in our programs to respect disability as a form of diversity. In this webinar, we will look at how we can use language and our interactions to model respect, and how we can use targeted activities to build a community that respects disabilities. Read More

Setting expectations is crucial in successfully managing classrooms and programs. We set formal and informal expectations for the children and youth we work with, as well as their families. This webinar will focus on setting expectations to support behavior and development as well as actions steps when you realize you've set unrealistic expectations. Read More

Have you ever attended a training, gotten excited about trying something new you learned, then gone back to your usual practices the next day? It happens to all of us. In this session, we will present strategies to convert the learning you do in a training to growth in your disability inclusion and behavior support practices. Read More

In order to grow, you need to know where you’re starting. In this webinar, we will discuss simple ways to assess your strengths and uncover opportunities for growth with the goal of improving practices to support children and youth. Read More

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