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Learning how to identify and support children with mental health needs who attend various programs in our communities can be a difficult undertaking. Join us on March 18, 2015 as Kellye Laughery, Marriage and Family and Play Therapist specializing in children with anxiety disorders in San Diego, California, provides you tips to help yourself and the children you care for. Yes you can sort out feelings, change behaviors and have fun in the process! Read More

Do you have those one or two staff who are the only ones that can work with some children? Are some of your teachers at a loss as to how they are supposed to support all children in their classrooms? This webinar will outline staffs' roles and responsibilities for creating inclusive classrooms. We will also discuss your roles for supporting staff to meet their inclusion responsibilities.  Read More

Taking care of children and youth in out-of- school time programs can be overwhelming. When children have an increased level of need, providers’ stress levels can rise even higher. Research shows that providers who practice self-efficacy, experience more satisfaction and fulfillment, reducing their feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed. Join us for a webinar outlining practical ways that you can take care of yourself as an educator/provider, and increase feelings of accomplishment. Read More

Talking to families about developmental concerns is a sensitive topic. Development in young children is complex, where there is often a fine line between typical and concerning. This webinar will cover how to identify when there are concerns and how to explain them to families in a non-threatening and supportive way. Four strategies for supporting families will be presented. Read More

Many families are eagerly awaiting the start of your program. Others might be meticulously assessing your program’s hygiene and sanitation practices, agonizing about whether to send their children and youth into a group care setting. No matter which end of the spectrum families are on, we need to be prepared to support them. In this webinar, we’ll focus on the relationship between the program and the family. We will discuss strategies and tools to support communication in a variety of program structures. Read More

This eLearning module discusses how toddlers learn best and identifies the things that are important for toddler circle time: ongoing adult presence, flexible participation, hands-on encounters, and movement. Participants will also learn how to adapt circle time for toddlers with different abilities and accomplish the following learning objectives. Read More

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