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This webinar will focus on speech delays and common language disorders that make it difficult for children to use and understand spoken language. Strategies will be presented to support children and youth with communication limitations. Read more

Out of school time programs can help youth successfully navigate their adolescent years and develop the skills they will need to become our future leaders. In order to design and create successful youth programs, staff need to enhance their knowledge of adolescent development and intentionally create opportunities and supports for all participants to develop the skills necessary to transition into adulthood. This webinar will explore the developmental issues faced by adolescents through three time periods (early, middle, and late adolescence); the relationship between recreation and the teenage brain, and a research-based framework which can be used to build developmental assets in participants. Read more

Fifteen percent of children experience hearing loss and up to 50% of children experience vision loss that can impact learning. Join us for an introduction to visual and auditory disabilities, and learn strategies to support children and youth who experience these disabilities. Read more

Children and youth bring a variety of behaviors into your programs every day. We know this and expect it. But sometimes, behavior goes beyond what we expect and causes concern, or might be unsafe. This webinar will help you learn to distinguish between developmentally expected, challenging, concerning, and unsafe behavior. Read more

Behavior can be a tricky topic when trying to understand how to respond effectively. This learning journey will help you discover the secrets behind children's behavior. You’ll explore the importance of decoding the hidden messages in behavior and learn to respond with understanding by diving into the antecedents, behaviors, and consequences that shape behavior. Discover your role as a caregiver. Empower children by believing in their potential, understanding challenges as opportunities, and fostering positive relationships. Grabbing hold of these principles will help to transform your approach to supporting children with a strength-based perspective. This course aims to equip you with the tools you need to support children and youth effectively. Read more

Join us to learn the basics of speech, language, and communication. In this lesson, you'll explore the progression of speech and language development. And remember, children are communicating even if they are not speaking! Read more

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