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The restorative power of nature has been well-documented for both children and adults. When we take learning outdoors, we open up opportunities for children and youth to explore and discover a wide range of skills that enhance everything from emotional well-being to cognition. Join us as we introduce you to the benefits and elements of nature-based learning. Read More

During this session you will learn about the connections between positive child development and nature-based learning. Join the journey as we discover and plan age-appropriate activities, spaces and centers that can be easily incorporated at your program. Read More

Special education therapies and services are documented and measured through a child’s IFSP or IEP, but what do these acronyms mean and how do they apply to you? In this webinar we will review the basics of what IFSPs and IEPs are, the role you can play in the process and how you can use these documents to support children with disabilities in your setting. Read More

Every provider needs a portable Bag of Tricks they can dig into during unexpected wait times, when activities don’t go as planned or when a child needs extra support.  This webinar will give you ideas of items to include in your own Bag of Tricks so you are prepared to conquer some of the challenges you may encounter on any given day. Read More

Our world is filled with sight, sound, smell, taste and touch that our body must take in almost constantly. But what happens when a child or youth's body is unable to effectively read or respond to this information? This webinar will teach you some basics about sensory processing and how challenges with this important area of development impact behavior. Read More

KIT uses the Pyramid Model as a framework for supporting positive behavior. This webinar will highlight the base of the pyramid, the foundation for all other supports: positive relationships. Children and youth are more likely to follow instructions, participate in activities and have better social-emotional skills when their caregivers engage in positive interactions. This webinar will guide participants in understanding the importance of positive relationships as well as offering strategies for improving positive interactions in their programs. Read More

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