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According to the CDC, an estimated 1 in 44 children in the United States have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Knowing how to support children and youth with ASD in an inclusive environment will help you create a program where everyone feels a sense of belonging. This series is a collection of webinars that will give you information about what ASD is, the diverse needs of children and youth with ASD, and strategies to support those needs. Read More

Stephen Hinkle, advocate and national speaker, re-joins the KIT audience to address questions he often hears about autism. Many of these questions relate to what Stephen calls the Hidden Curriculum, or the social skills every child and youth needs to hone in order to make friends and develop lasting relationships. Stephen will also answer questions from the audience. Please note there are no CEUs provided for this course. Read More

Have you ever felt like you knew how to do something, but couldn't accomplish it the way you’d hoped? This is something that children with ASD experience whether dealing with a task or an emotion. If they could verbally express it, they might say, “I want to, but I don’t know how.” This webinar will introduce skill building supports to help children learn how to function independently. Please note, this webinar will focus on school-age youth. Read More

Imagine the day has been interrupted by a shift in the schedule. How would you handle it? And how might a teen with ASD handle it? Unexpected situations can be a trigger for a youth with ASD. This webinar will introduce a concept that will increase the teen’s capacity to handle more thereby improving their ability to be more flexible. Please note, this webinar will focus on middle and high school youth. Read More

Children with ASD struggle to connect their words to the things their body experiences. Teaching children how to recognize then communicate how they physically feel will improve how they interact with others. This webinar will introduce a concept that illustrates what is happening internally and how to express them externally. Please note, this webinar will focus on preschool children. Read More

Release Date: December 14, 2022 At KIT, we are always asked how to support children's behavior. Since every child and situation is different, there isn't one simple answer. Join KIT staff as we discuss the lessons we've learned about how to support behavior. In this session, we'll discuss applying one behavior support strategy to meet many needs. Please note that you will need to watch, engage in the materials (click), pass the quiz, and complete the survey in order to receive a certificate. Read More

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