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Redirection can be an effective strategy for preventing challenging behavior, but it must be used at the right time. Learning a child’s signs and signals is key to stopping a challenging behavior before it begins. Join us to learn how to recognize those signs and signals, as well as the different types of redirection that can be used in your program. Read More

Burnout is a job hazard for Child and Youth Program professionals. This loss of motivation can manifest itself in many ways in the classroom and is often contagious to other staff. This webinar will provide insight into the factors contributing to job dissatisfaction, share methods to alleviate stress created by external work factors, and offer an effective tool to discern the most meaningful ways to appreciate your staff. Read More

In this 30 minute webinar we will examine our own biases towards parents perspectives and learn communication techniques that acknowledge the parent experience while objectively stating the concerns in the program. Read More

In the news and on social media, we hear a lot of talk of “getting back to normal,” after the initial phase of COVID response. But is this really possible? It’s more realistic that we will discover a new “normal.” This new normal will mean new expectations when our programs fully open and helping youth get readjusted to being back in the program environment. In this session, we’ll explore how to create new expectations and support youth to get back into the groove of being in a structured program environment. Read More

IEP, what is that and how can it help you support children in your program? This webinar will explain how an Individualized Education Plan provides important information you can use to help children thrive in your school age program. Read More

The ability to resolve conflicts, especially with peers is a core component of social competence during childhood (Joshi, 2008). Everyday conflicts can be turned into teachable moments and we can be intentional about developing skills in ways that are playful and engaging. This webinar will highlight the importance of developing mindfulness skills in the children you serve as the first step towards conflict resolution. Then you will be introduced to several activities that you will be able to facilitate in your program to improve conflict resolution skills. Read More

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