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In order to grow, you need to know where you’re starting. In this webinar, we will discuss simple ways to assess your strengths and uncover opportunities for growth with the goal of improving practices to support children and youth. Read more

Responding to children and youth who are experiencing an emotional crisis is hard! To be effective, you need to recognize your triggers and be prepared to deploy self-regulation skills. In this webinar, we will discuss how to harness the power of self-reflection and use self-regulation to more effectively help children and youth de-escalate. Read more

Engaging school age youth in program activities can be challenging. If a child has a disability, providers must be sure the child has the skills and tools to meaningfully participate in the activity. This eLearning course will walk you through the steps of planning successful activities and how to make accommodations to meet the needs of all children. Read more

This webinar will help providers/caregivers recognize and be able to support those hard to understand children many of whom have immature sensory processing. Specific activities and strategies will be shared that can be used effectively with ALL children while specifically meeting the needs of children with sensory processing challenges. Read more

As tweens and teens go through dramatic growth transformations, it’s typical for them to change from being happy to sad or from feeling smart to feeling stupid. The tweens and teens stage of life is filled with worry about personal traits that others hardly notice and seem overly dramatic. Our first step is to identify and define the difference between a tween and a teen. The webinar will provide identified social-emotional barriers that staff may face when working with tweens and teens. This webinar will end by identifying methods to expand our ability to support the social emotional development of tweens and teens to ensure adolescents feel accepted and able to express themselves. Please note that in order to receive a certificate, you will need to watch and view the resources, engage with the materials (click), pass the quiz, and complete the survey. Read more

This webinar will introduce participants to a different perspective regarding autism. We will explore the connections between motor challenges and social-emotional development. Additionally, we will review emerging views that consider the symptoms of sensory and movement differences and how support for children and youth with autism may shift with this view. Read more

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