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Responding to children and youth who are experiencing an emotional crisis is hard! To be effective, you need to recognize your triggers and be prepared to deploy self-regulation skills. In this webinar, we will discuss how to harness the power of self-reflection and use self-regulation to more effectively help children and youth de-escalate. Read More

Did summer start out full speed but now you're running low on fuel? Grab an ice cold drink and join KIT as we share fresh ideas to help you end the season strong. This webinar will provide fun activity ideas including new ways to use your (pool) noodle. We will also explore unique traditions to rejuvenate relationships and celebrate the accomplishments of staff and children. Read More

As professionals we are communicating with a diverse range of people, from our colleagues, to parents of children in our care, to the children themselves. Our ability to be successful team members, leaders and people is dependent on our ability to communicate our needs and wants. The 5 Principles of Effective Communication will enhance your ability to get your point across, and will help you understand the needs of others in a much deeper way. Read More

Engaging school age youth in program activities can be challenging. If a child has a disability, providers must be sure the child has the skills and tools to meaningfully participate in the activity. This eLearning course will walk you through the steps of planning successful activities and how to make accommodations to meet the needs of all children. Read More

Family child care providers have unique challenges when it comes to supporting the individuals needs of the children and youth in their care. This webinar is designed to address these unique needs and will discuss specific strategies and resources for the family child care environment.  Read More

Many afterschool programs have become safe spaces for youth to attend virtual school. This is an essential service for families and it also means a change in the kind of support afterschool professionals are used to providing, especially if a youth has an IEP. Join us to learn about strategies you can use to support youth with IEPs without needing a special education degree. Read More

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