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As staff are transitioning from year round programming to extended Summer schedules it is challenging to shift our thinking regarding child and youth programming. Helping children and youth successfully transition from school and academic schedules to full day summer camp and recreational programming requires intentional planning and unique consideration. This webinar will present ideas to support summer staff in programming that considers transitions (from an academic schedule to summer recreational schedule), as well as, ideas for accommodating individual needs or participants in summer programming. Read More

Keeping a group of preschoolers engaged during circle time is a challenging task. Circle time is also very demanding on young children's emerging ability to listen and wait. In this eLearning module, participants will learn how to make circle time easier by basing circle time on how young brains work best, developing appropriate expectations, planning activities and transitions, using techniques to keep children engaged, and supporting individual children.  Read More

Conflict has enormous teaching potential in early childhood. When children have a conflict with a peer, they have the chance to listen to someone else’s point of view and recognize others’ feelings. In this webinar, we will review key concepts and strategies from KIT’s approach to preschool conflict resolution: Find peace, share feelings, and make it right. Webinar participants will be able to download the complete Inclusion Training Guide for preschool conflict resolution and complete the following learning objectives: Read More

"Advocacy" might seem like something for lawmakers in Washington, DC, but in fact, you are an advocate for children every day. Join us to find out more about your role as an advocate and to learn additional strategies you can use to support all children in your care. Read More

An individual’s teaching philosophy often shapes how they view fairness in a preschool classroom. Is fairness about everyone getting the same things, or providing individuals with what they need to succeed? How do we deal with the feelings that may arise when some get the help they need, while others don’t? Join us for a webinar that will explore these questions, differentiate equality and equity, and outline strategies to help educators decide when to encourage sameness, and when to promote opportunities for success. Read More

Have you ever quietly (or loudly) expressed, “why can’t you sit still?” Or maybe you have been frustrated with children who struggle to attend to tasks, can’t wait for their turn, act before they think… the list goes on! These behaviors are all related to self-regulation. This webinar will help you understand the difference between emotional and behavioral self-regulation and strategies to teach children self-regulatory skills. Read More

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