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Have you ever quietly (or loudly) expressed, “why can’t you sit still?” Or maybe you have been frustrated with children who struggle to attend to tasks, can’t wait for their turn, act before they think… the list goes on! These behaviors are all related to self-regulation. This webinar will help you understand the difference between emotional and behavioral self-regulation and strategies to teach children self-regulatory skills. Read more

Many preschool teachers have noticed a shift in the groups of children in their classrooms. Children with and without disabilities seem to have increasingly complex needs that are difficult to manage in a preschool environment. This webinar will cover how to structure your classroom and adjust your teaching style to address the multiple needs of multiple children in the same room. Please note that in order to receive a certificate, you will need to watch and view the resources, engage with the materials (click), pass the quiz, and complete the survey. Read more

Naptime can be one of the most challenging times of day in a Preschool classroom. Providers are juggling multiple responsibilities, covering breaks, and supervising the group, all the while meeting the individual needs of children. Multi-tasking, scheduling, and a consistent routine are essential for successful naptime transitions. Join us on a webinar that will outline strategies for multi-tasking, setting a routine, and meeting the individual needs of children; especially the ones that don’t nap! Participants will successfully identify 5 steps involved with transitioning adults and children from lunch to naptime in a preschool classroom. This course also includes the Five Stages of Naptime Transition Tip Sheet! Read more

Does it ever seem like parents just don’t get it? How can you better understand where they are coming from? How can you help families understand what you see in the program? This webinar will help providers understand varied family perspectives and responses and offer strategies to collaborate with families to build upon each other’s experiences, expertise, and resources to agree on how to include the child meaningfully. Please note that in order to receive a certificate, you will need to watch and view the resources, engage with the materials (click), pass the quiz, and complete the survey. Read more

It’s not easy being three. While “terrible twos,” is a familiar term, many parents have a more difficult time with their children at three than at two. In fact, most children people call KIT for help with are three-year-olds. You may be feeling the same way, especially those of you in a mixed-age preschool class. In this webinar, we’ll discuss why it’s hard to be three years old and how you can support three-year-olds' unique developmental needs. Read more

Summer is different. As your staff transition from after school programs to extended schedules and different spaces, it’s often challenging for them to shift to a summer mindset. Children and youth also need help to successfully transition from academics and rapid rotations to full-day summer camp and recreational programming. This webinar series includes 4 webinars to present intentional planning tools and unique considerations, you as the camp leader, can use to support summer staff in programming that creates a smooth transition from the academic year to summer, as well as ideas for accommodating the individual needs of participants. Webinars included: Prep for Success:  Superior Camp Environments Camp Inclusion 101 Teaching Youth to Respect Differences How to Respond to Challenging Behavior Webinar series available 4/15/24 - 9/15/24 Read more

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