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Transitions can make or break a routine. Moving a group of children from one activity to another smoothly is an art. Join us for this webinar to learn simple creative ideas for establishing FUN transitions that will make your program feel smoother and you job easier. Read More

This webinar is focused on what it is like for our guest presenter, Stephen Hinkle, to grow up with autism. He'll explain the various academic and social challenges he faced and had to overcome throughout childhood to this day. Read More

The tween and teen years are full of ups and downs. These youth are rules by their emotions which can lead to challenging behaviors in your program. This webinar will review behavior support techniques specifically for tweens and teens that will help youth recognize their behavior and work through the challenges they face on a daily basis. Read More

Children and youth have a lot of demands placed on them in a group setting: follow the routine, respond to social cues, and listen to and communicate with others. Often, children do not have the coping skills they need to handle the stresses they encounter. This webinar will highlight ways to teach children coping skills through modeling and activities for all ages. Read More

Child and youth development staff and providers develop expectations for how individuals and groups of children develop, interact, and behave. Values, attitudes and beliefs about disability and behavior affect how staff and providers think about and respond to the situations that arise in their programs. This management webinar will focus on helping child and youth professionals identify and adjust their expectations in order to understand and address challenges. Read More

Are you working with children who find it difficult to take turns; or to wait while engaging with their peers? Although some children might be more likely to exhibit impulsive behaviors, many others simply haven’t learned the subtle social skills necessary for them to succeed during group activities. This webinar will provide participants with an overview of the Executive Functions of a child’s brain; which are the sets of skills involving mental control, and self-regulation. Learn teaching strategies which help children develop these social problem-solving skills, and classroom strategies for encouraging successful large group activities. Read More

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