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Have you ever wondered what the ABC data you are required to keep is supposed to be for? Would you like to learn how to use the information you have collected to help overcome challenging behaviors? Join us for a webinar focused on making ABC data a bit easier to understand and use. Participants will have the chance to: analyze a set of sample ABC observation data in order to decide upon an appropriate redirection strategy, practice identifying more appropriate replacement behaviors, and highlight ideas for working with parents/families to create reinforcement systems between school and home. Read More

Working to overcome challenging behaviors in your program/classroom can feel like a full-time job all by itself. The difficulty of completing all of the extra paperwork included in a behavior plan can cause anyone to question whether the time it takes to record the observations is well spent. In Part 2 of Documenting & Tracking Behavior participants will review three levels of data collection and discover the advantages and drawbacks of each. In addition, participants will also identify ways to streamline the data collection process, and then interpret it confirm whether the situation is improving, or not. Read More

Effective communication helps lay the foundation for successful relationships. Join us for this webinar to learn how to enhance communication with fellow Managers and staff to create an environment where relationships can thrive. Read More

Youth programs often have challenges sustaining engaging environments throughout the year. In this webinar we will examine factors that influence youth engagement in a program setting. We will also consider ways we can reshape activities, staff interactions, and our program space to cultivate more youth engagement. Read More

Facilitating positive peer interactions can be tricky. It can be difficult to know when to get involved and when to step back and allow natural, spontaneous interactions to happen. Sometimes adults can accidentally stifle peer interactions or “take the fun out of it”. This webinar will provide an overview of different ways to encourage and support social engagements between children and youth through modeling, the environment, scaffolding, and collaborative problem solving. Read More

Over time, cultural norms and ideas about disability, diversity and inclusion have changed. As more organizations across sectors focus on “Diversity and Equity”, disability is sometimes left out of the conversation about diversity. KIT’s mission is to meaningfully include children and youth with disabilities, and our webinar focus today is to share current, relevant information regarding the intersectionality of disability and diversity. This webinar, Inclusion for All in Youth Programs, will focus on strategies to support Tweens and Teens in inclusive programs. Read More

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