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According to the CDC, an estimated 1 in 36 children in the United States have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Knowing how to support children and youth with ASD in an inclusive environment will help you create a program where everyone feels a sense of belonging. This series is a collection of webinars that will give you information about what ASD is, the diverse needs of children and youth with ASD, and strategies to support those needs. Read more

I Can Be Inclusive Series Save 20% when you purchase a bundle!   Kids Included Together is the leader in disability inclusion training and behavior support and has decades of experience.  Our courses offer information in a user-friendly style with personable videos!  Most of our courses provide handouts so that you can take away a resource as soon as you purchase and enroll in the course!   The following courses are in our I Can Be Inclusive Series: I Can Be Inclusive Course 1: Inclusion 101 I Can Be Inclusive Course 2: Supportive Environments I Can Be Inclusive Course 3: Communicating through Behavior I Can Be Inclusive Course 4: Tips and Tools to Support Disability Inclusion I Can Be Inclusive Course 5: Family Collaboration Read more

If you want to welcome students of all abilities, create inclusive learning environments and affect change in your school or community, this course is for you. Kids Included Together (KIT), the leader in disability inclusion training, has partnered with Colours of Grey Matters in Australia to provide online professional development for classroom teachers around the globe. The Inclusion and Advocacy course is designed primarily for classroom teachers who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of inclusive practices in their schools. Session One: Perspectives on Inclusion presents reading materials and a short webinar discussing various educational perspectives on inclusive classrooms. Session Two: Inclusive Practices asks the learner to consider the benefits of inclusion and how to improve their own inclusive practices in the classroom. Session Three: Advocacy is designed to help the learner implement strategies for inclusion in various educational settings and consider how they might affect change in their own school and community. Session Four: Teacher’s Role focuses on the classroom teacher and their role in creating an inclusive environment as well as the learner’s own educational philosophy as it relates to inclusion. Learning Objectives: Develop your definition of inclusion in an educational setting based on source material. Accurately define the difference between segregation and inclusion in the classroom. Correctly identify the benefits of inclusion in the classroom. Accurately define at least two inclusive best practices in educational settings and apply them to suggested scenarios. Correctly identify current national/state or local school district policies that affect inclusion in the classroom. Develop strategies for inclusion in a variety of educational settings. Accurately describe the role of the teacher in an inclusive environment. Reflect on your own educational philosophy as it relates to inclusion by connecting your experience to the presented content. You will earn 1.0 IACET accredited CEUs for completing all four courses in the bundle. Read more

This Virtual Learning Series is for leadership and contains 3 sessions: Strengthening Relationships With and Among Staff - Making staff feel valued and respected is a key practice for employee retention.  Leveraging Your Resources - Clarity and consistency are just as important for your staff as they are for children. Learn how to leverage those resources to support staff morale. Building a Support Network - Support networks are connections among staff that lead to emotional safety. Learn how to use resiliency practices to build these networks.  Read more

Middle schoolers and teens can experience at least 24 mood changes in a day, so it’s no wonder social-emotional learning is a trend in youth centers. In this series, you’ll learn ways to support social-emotional learning in your program. You’ll also explore how disability is a dimension of diversity and how to make your program truly inclusive for all. This bundle includes these webinars at a 20% discount: Middle School/Teen Series: Disability and Diversity For All: Inclusive Youth Programs What's Trending in Youth Programs? Understanding Teen & Tween Development Read more

Advanced Series In this final installment of the Middle School/Teen series, dive into the deep end with dating, coping skills, and more teen drama. Teenagers are in the midst of crucial brain development and raging hormones so it's no wonder they need solid guidance from the adults in their program. These webinars will help you navigate these tricky situations with empathy, understanding, and an inclusive mindset. This bundle includes the following webinars at a 20% discount: Coping Skills for Tweens and Teens De-escalating Teen Drama Middle School/Teen Series: Help Teens with Disabilities Navigate the Dating World Guiding Tween & Teen Behavior Middle School/Teen Series: Resources & Q&A Read more

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