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Out-of-school-time programs provide the ideal opportunity for youth with disabilities to connect with their non-disabled peers and experience a sense of belonging they don’t always get.  To make this a successful experience, sometimes youth with disabilities need accommodations.  In this section of the course, we will share easy-to-use tips and tools that represent the best practices in disability inclusion.  Read More

I Can Be Inclusive Series Save 20% when you purchase a bundle!   Kids Included Together is the leader in disability inclusion training and behavior support and has decades of experience.  Our courses offer information in a user-friendly style with personable videos!  Most of our courses provide handouts so that you can take away a resource as soon as you purchase and enroll in the course!   The following courses are in our I Can Be Inclusive Series: I Can Be Inclusive Course 1: Inclusion 101 I Can Be Inclusive Course 2: Supportive Environments I Can Be Inclusive Course 3: Communicating through Behavior I Can Be Inclusive Course 4: Tips and Tools to Support Disability Inclusion I Can Be Inclusive Course 5: Family Collaboration Read More

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