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“Bullying” is a word used to describe a variety of situations, often inaccurately. This webinar will begin by providing an accurate definition of the term bullying, then explore how to prevent bullying by creating a culture of acceptance. We will also discuss how to respond to bullying and how you can support children and youth to be effective by-standers. Read More

All too often small disagreements and minor misunderstandings can escalate among tweens and teens. Conflict resolution is a problem-solving approach used to diffuse instead of escalate challenging situations. This webinar with look at strategies to teach youth to manage their anger, communicate their feelings, and constructively problem-solve. Read More

Emotional literacy is more important than ever for school age youth and teens. Join us to learn strategies to help these age groups understand and express their feelings in healthy ways. Read More

Support networks are connections among staff that lead to emotional safety. In this session, we'll discuss how to use resiliency practices to build support networks. Read More

Clarity and consistency are just as important for your staff as they are for children, and they are some of your greatest resources to supporting staff morale. In this session, we'll discuss how to leverage these resources. Read More

The pandemic brought about new challenges with staffing, staff morale, and burnout. Making staff feel valued and respected is a key practice for staff retention. Doing this starts with building strong relationships. Read More

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