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This webinar will give participants insight into the myths about children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We will not only explore each myth but also give the actual fact regarding the concept. So many children are disciplined because of what people perceive to be true. View this webinar to find out the truth and how children with ADHD can be supported in your program. Read More

Children with ASD struggle to connect their words to the things their body experiences. Teaching children how to recognize then communicate how they physically feel will improve how they interact with others. This webinar will introduce a concept that illustrates what is happening internally and how to express them externally. Please note, this webinar will focus on preschool children. Read More

Inclusive programs provide opportunities for all children and youth to assume social roles and responsibilities and reflect individual differences in positive ways. Adults in inclusive programs should demonstrate an understanding for individual differences and model how to accept and celebrate those differences. This webinar will present strategies for creating opportunities for everyone to contribute meaningfully, reflecting differences positively in a program environment, and modeling respect for differences. Read More

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