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Taking care of children and youth in out-of- school time programs can be overwhelming. When children have an increased level of need, providers’ stress levels can rise even higher. Research shows that providers who practice self-efficacy, experience more satisfaction and fulfillment, reducing their feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed. Join us for a webinar outlining practical ways that you can take care of yourself as an educator/provider, and increase feelings of accomplishment. Read More

Many families are eagerly awaiting the start of your program. Others might be meticulously assessing your program’s hygiene and sanitation practices, agonizing about whether to send their children and youth into a group care setting. No matter which end of the spectrum families are on, we need to be prepared to support them. In this webinar, we’ll focus on the relationship between the program and the family. We will discuss strategies and tools to support communication in a variety of program structures. Read More

This eLearning module discusses how toddlers learn best and identifies the things that are important for toddler circle time: ongoing adult presence, flexible participation, hands-on encounters, and movement. Participants will also learn how to adapt circle time for toddlers with different abilities and accomplish the following learning objectives. Read More

This course will be used to copy webinar course settings into a new course. Read More

You asked for it, now here it is- a compilation of our favorite resources! You will have a chance to learn where to find the resources and how they can be used in your program. Whether it is a website, book, gadget or gizmo, these resources will assist you in supporting all children in your program. Please note that in order to receive a certificate, you will need to watch and view the resources, engage with the materials (click), pass the quiz, and complete the survey. Read More

This webinar will introduce participants to a different perspective regarding autism. We will explore the connections between motor challenges and social-emotional development. Additionally, we will review emerging views that consider the symptoms of sensory and movement differences and how support for children and youth with autism may shift with this view. Read More

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