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Children learn through play. They learn to share, take turns, how to control and express emotions, and how to be a friend. But how can we support children who have delayed play skills? This webinar will teach you some basics about social-emotional skills and how play based interventions can be used across age groups to develop these skills. Read More

Child and youth providers consistently ask KIT for practical ways to increase appropriate behaviors in their learning environments. Using positive reinforcement is one evidence-based approach that can accomplish this need; but do you know what that really means? Join us for a half hour webinar that will address misconceptions about punishment, differentiate between two kinds of motivators, illuminate strategies for developing pride in one's hard work, and apply long and short-term reinforcement strategies for encouraging positive behavior. This presentation will be helpful for direct-care providers, T&Cs, and managers, with all levels of familiarity with behavioral support. Read More

Developing social-emotional skills in children, youth, and teens is a vital part of their success into adulthood. When providers are meaningfully engaged to help coach children/youth while they practice new social skills in a safe, nurturing environment, they have a better chance at being successful in real-life events. Join us as we explore social-emotional skills through the life-span beginning with the stages of play in early childhood and incorporating the importance of peers in the school-age, preteen, and teen years. We will discuss practical ways to use small groups to teach and reinforce building connections with peers. Read More

In 2019, the top trend KIT staff identified in youth programs is social-emotional support. This isn't surprising knowing that 12.5% of teens experience a major depressive episode in one year. This webinar will explore this trend and offer strategies to support the social-emotional needs of the youth in your program. Read More

Participants will have an opportunity to learn simple yoga poses and breathing strategies to support self-regulation and increase body awareness. You will also learn ways to incorporate yoga poses and breathing in fun and interactive ways as behavior management strategies for an individual child or group of children. Read More

Keeping youth engaged in out-of-school time programs can be a challenge! Research shows that youth leadership can be a key component in engagement and retention. But what is youth leadership? What does it look like and what are the benefits to your program and your participants? Join us for the first webinar in KIT’s Youth Leadership series to answer these questions and get started planning for youth leadership opportunities in your program. Read More

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